Hello Parents!

Yep, I’m back! At 11-12 weeks of pregnancy, I am starting to look like a little human. You’ll be surprised how cute I am on the ultrasound (if you have one at 12 weeks pregnant)!

My fingers and toes have formed, and I have ears! All my organs formed, even my external genitals, but the doctor will still have a hard time knowing if I am a boy or girl. Patience, because you’ll know for sure (if you want) after the 20-week ultrasound.

I spend my time moving around, sleeping, sucking my thumb and swallowing amniotic fluid. I am about 6.5-10 cm long and weigh about 18-40 grams.

Mom, you are feeling a lot better physically now that the 1st trimester is finished. Dad’s happy because he was fed up with your nausea. At this stage, you’ve gained about 1-2 kg because you are retaining more water (bloating). You will have a gynecological exam with regular samples from the cervix. Because you chose the nuchal translucency (ultrasound to screen for Trisomy 21), you were finally able to see me. You saw my heart beating, and my body moved around energetically. I am sure you were impressed! I think it worked because Mom cried, and Dad gaped.

Since you heard my heart, and even more so after seeing me, you often think about me and what I will become. Dad, Mom’s stomach is changing because I am in it, and she likes it when you hug her, touch her and when she feels your happiness and enthusiasm about my arrival. Even if she sometimes seems distant or closed in, offer her a massage or do something sweet, and she will feel your protection.

Dad, I know you are worried about all the things you need to buy for me. Finances are not always easy to manage, and they can destabilise parents. It’s important to talk about it together and set up a budget. There are always solutions to problems. You can also get advice from people you trust.

Here are some things that can help you at 11-12 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Continue to take care of each other and be attentive to little things;
  • Plan for prenatal classes. You can either take them in groups or online;
  • Consult a caregiver to find out if you can have preventative withdrawal (if your job is dangerous for you or the baby);
  • Change your clothing to feel more comfortable, and wear light clothing because you will often feel hot (faster metabolism).

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to help you prepare for what’s coming.



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Come back soon to read my 13-14 Weeks of pregnancy to learn more.


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