My name is Helena, and I need reassurance. I regularly eat shrimp and other seafood in my diet for their nutrients. But now that I am pregnant, I was wondering if I can eat them without worrying about my baby. Your answer will give me peace of mind. Thanks for everything, Helena. 

Helena, if you want to eat seafood such as shrimp, crab or lobster, go for it! 😊 There are no risks involved, but moderation is best.

You can eat shellfish such as mussels, cooked oysters and scallops as they contain less mercury and other contaminants.

Mercury should be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy and even when trying to become pregnant and during breastfeeding. Mercury is volatile and can be found in the air, ground and waterways. This mineral can be found in small fish eaten in significant quantities by larger fish. Over time, mercury can accumulate in the meat of some fish, including shark, swordfish, fresh white tuna, escolar and orange roughy.

Helena, don’t forget that some freshwater sports fishing fish species can be contaminated with mercury. During pregnancy, it’s recommended that you take care and moderate your consumption of bass, walleye and pike.

I hope this answers your question, Helena, and continue to eat properly, rest and remain active and happy!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

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