Did you read the previous part, How to Soothe a Teething Baby?

Updated article on april 2021.

Products to avoid during teething:

  • Very important: it is officially recommended that you avoid hazelnut necklaces because many babies have eaten the beads after removing the necklace, which can cause choking
  • Products that freeze gums, such as Orajel, are dangerous as the baby can swallow it. This product numbs gum nerves, and babies can have strong reactions to it
  • Teething cookies are often made with very sweet ingredients which are not appropriate for babies

I have provided you with a lot of information about teething, which I hope can help you through this often challenging stage in your baby’s life.

Some dentists suggest a child’s first visit as early as one year old, but most start regular monitoring around the age of 3.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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