I am breastfeeding my one-month-old baby, and yesterday I smoked pot with my partner. I was wondering what kind of impact this can have, as I breastfed three hours later. Thank you for your answer,


Julie, you are asking my opinion about cannabis use during breastfeeding. I can never encourage it, either during pregnancy or breastfeeding! I am not judging you, and thank you for asking this question. I will give you some brief information about the topic.

You should never use drugs during breastfeeding. The main component of cannabis is THC, and this can enter your milk. The baby’s blood can have eight times the concentration compared to their mother if they use marijuana regularly. It can also take 1-4 days for the baby to eliminate it depending on how much their mother uses. The baby can be more sleepy, which can harm breastfeeding, future motor development and much more.

Mother’s can also see their milk production decline since using drugs has an impact on hormonal balance and reduce your ejection reflex. There is nothing positive for you or your baby using cannabis.

Julie, if you have difficulty abstaining from drugs during breastfeeding, I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor or another health professional you trust. They will monitor you and the baby to avoid complications. I only want the best for both of you.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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