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Photo - Bébé avec un casque antibruit - Billet : Casque antibruit pour bébé : est-ce nécessaire?

Earmuffs and hearing protection devices are increasingly popular. They can make a significant difference during activities with high volume sounds.

There are different sizes and even models that are adapted for babies under two months of age. At this age, it is essential that ear muffs are not too tight, affecting the skull bones which are still soft and not yet set. At the same time, they have to be tight to the skin and hair, with no materials between the two which will reduce the sound protection

Usually, ear muffs are light, often weighing less than 200 g, and cushioned for the baby’s comfort. They do a good job reducing the sound intensity and significantly block harmful noise.

So that is the necessary information about ambient sounds and your baby. Without trying to cause alarm, I think parents should always consider measures to prevent hearing problems for their baby.

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