To learn about iron deficiencies, go to Iron Deficiencies and Anemia in Babies Under 1 Year.

Different ways to increase iron in an infant’s diet are possible. For example:

Photo - Remplacer une part de la farine par des céréales de bébé dans vos recettes de pains et muffins

  • In a recipe, replace half the flour by twice the quantity of iron-enriched baby cereals. So, for 1 cup of flour add 2 cups baby cereal (to replace the second cup of flour). You can do this for crepes, cookies and prune or banana bread, for example;
  • replace breadcrumbs in meatloaf or meatballs with baby cereals enriched with iron;
  • thicken soups with baby rice cereal with iron;

Treating Anemia with Iron Supplements

Like with many treatments, treating a baby’s anemia with iron supplements can come with possible side effects, and here are a few:

  • constipation;
  • greyer teeth;
  • must be taken on an empty stomach;
  • can lead to gastric disorders (discomfort, gas, bloating).

These supplements will likely be taken over a long period, as the baby’s needs increase quickly during the first year. They may not always be very cooperative when taking it. It can also impact the family budget, because supplements aren’t always covered by insurance plans.

I hope that this article has provided you with a good summary of the importance of iron for your baby and how to prevent anemia. This information will help you give your baby everything they need for their proper growth and development.

Talk soon,

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