I have been breastfeeding my baby Jérémie since he was born, and he will turn 6 weeks old tomorrow. He always wants to breastfeed from 6 pm to 9 pm every night. How can I stop this? Thanks for your help, as I am fatigued. Chantal

Dear Chantal, you are not the only mother to have experienced this. There are times when breastfed babies will frequently breastfeed over short periods. This is usually at the end of the afternoon and evening, the time when parents are more tired. This is typically sporadic, and over time will occur less frequently. If it happens at any time during the day, occurs often and continues over time, you should check your milk production and your baby’s development to see if everything is fine. Don’t give up, as it is only a transition period. If they sleep well at night, try to rest, and nap during the day. Your partner and family members can also help by rocking the baby, taking them for a walk so that you can rest. You can watch my videos and read articles about breastfeeding, which may have information that can answer questions you may have.

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Vous pouvez visionner les vidéos d’allaitement et lire les billets sur le sujet car vous aurez là des informations additionnelles pouvant répondre à plusieurs autres questions que vous pouvez avoir.

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