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Marie, I had my baby six weeks ago and was wondering if I have to sterilise the pacifier and bottle accessories every day. Thank you for any information you can provide me because I find it hard to fit this into my already busy day!


Hello Marie-Claire,

You really should sterilise your bottle accessories, breast pump and pacifier if your baby is under four months of age. This prevents infection from microorganisms such as fungi. Since you cannot put the rubber bottle accessories in the dishwasher to sterilize them, I want to share with parents a recent discovery I made – sterilisation bags that are practical and safe.


Quick Clean bags by Medela allow you to sterilise everything using steam. When I saw this product, I fell in love with its practicality. You no longer have to sterilise using boiling water or use a high-temperature wash in the dishwasher to sterilise your breast pump and bottle accessories and pacifiers.
I find these bags easy and fast to use. In fact, in 2-3 minutes, you can sterilise everything. This could be when travelling, at home, visiting the family.
These bags are safe and designed using the highest standards of quality, BPA-free and destroy 99.9% of common bacteria and germs found in the environment. They are also low-cost because they can be reused at least 20 times, which means they cost between 11 and 13 cents per use.
With regards to procedures and precautions, you should know that the bad doesn’t clean the material, it only sterilises it. When you want to sterilise different objects, you have to:
  • Take apart the bottle or breast pump and bring together all the articles that you want to sterilise. Plastic accessories need to be microwave friendly. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning breastfeeding materials because some products require specific care.
  • To remove milk residue, rinse the bottle or other articles you want to sterilise with cold water.
  • Wash with soapy water and rinse with clean water, then place the items in the bag (watch the video on how to put articles in the sterilisation bag). This bag was designed to be used in the microwave only. Never on the stove or in the oven.
  • Add 60 ml of water which will create the steam. Always follow the instructions, because if you add too much or not enough water, it may damage your accessories or reduce the sterilisation level.
  • Using the highest microwave setting, calculate on average 2-3 minutes for steam sterilisation.
  • When you remove the bag from the microwave, you should wear oven mitts to open the bag, because hot steam may be released.
  • Place the bag on its side to get rid of the surplus water. There’s an opening identified for this purpose.
  • Then remove the sterilised articles. As simple as that!
Marie-Claire, I hope that these sterilisation bags can help you in your daily life and manage your time better.
If you would like to watch a demonstration live, you can watch the video I filmed about Medela’s Quick Clean sterilisation bags.
Talk soon,
The Baby Expert

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