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At different times, new mothers have asked me how to use raspberry herbal to increase their postnatal lactation. I said to myself that I should examine the question and look at the different allegations about the powers of this plant.

When I consult public health information sources, it is clear that some herbal teas should avoided during pregnancy as we don’t really understand their possible impact on the outcome of the pregnancy and the development of the baby.

In this article:

Due to the lack of scientific data on several types of herbal teas, official recommendations prefer abstinence rather than taking useless risks. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

During breastfeeding, we discourage herbal teas that are stimulants, such as those containing caffeine.

Orange or citrus rind, ginger, lemon balm, and dog rose herbal teas are considered risk-free during the whole pregnancy with moderate consumption. But what about raspberry herbal tea?

Raspberry Herbal Tea

Photo - Framboisier - tisane de framboisier pour les femmes enceintes et l'allaitement

While we know more about the raspberry plant for its excellent fruit, based on medical literature, the leaves seem to have fascinating properties for female reproductive organs. In fact, for centuries many cultures, for example First Nations, used plants to cure female issues. Raspberry herbal tea was part of this.

It is often used to deal with gynecological issues, such as:

  • to stabilise menstrual cycles
  • lower blood flow, congestion and blood clots
  • reduce pain during periods

The Raspberry Leaf and its Components

Infusing raspberry leaves into herbal tea can have a bitter taste, but it is surprising the amount of vitamins and mineral nutrients it contains. Based on the literature I consulted, it is rich in vitamin A, B  (including folic acid), C and E, and also in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

Raspberry herbal tea is a nutritious beverage that can be consumed every day by the general population. But what about for pregnant women?

To learn more about the properties of raspberry herbal tea during pregnancy, please read Raspberry Herbal Tea and Pregnancy.

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