To learn more about newborn motor development, please read The Physical Foundations of Baby Development.

Photo - Bébé dans un Jolly Jumper

You have to be careful when using baby accessories. Health professionals that specialise in child development will tell you to avoid items that limit their freedom of movement, which can interfere with their muscle development by forcing them into poor postures. These items can include Jolly Jumpers, Bumbos, saucers, baby carriers for the car, vibrating chairs, swings, etc.

Don’t feel guilty if you use them from time to time, but limit their use as much as possible to when the ground is not an option.

Concerning Jolly Jumpers, Bumbos and saucers, you should never use them for babies under six months who can hold up their head and upper body. There are no benefits for their development. If you do use them, never for more than 10-12 minutes at a time.

Infant Motor Development (0-12 months)

To explain baby development during their first year, I grouped my explanations into trimesters – 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months and 10-12 months. I also suggest activities you can do as parents to help their learning process.

The developmental files prepared by physiotherapists with the Institut de réadaptation de Québec (IRDPQ) are also available in the articles depending on their age.

To start, please read the article Baby Motor Development From 0-3 Months and 4-6 Months.

You can also watch my Facebook Live video about motor development from 0-12 months I filmed with Cynthia Fontaine, a physiotherapist.

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