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Pregnant women and babies should consider using repellent (or insecticide) for insects, mosquitoes and ticks. Most repellents do not kill insects, they repel them. Applying the repellent to skin, in addition to a horrible smell, creates a barrier against insects that feed on blood landing on your skin and biting you. These products are not effective for wasps, bees and hornets. 

Many repellents are available on the market. While some mosquito repellents are approved by Health Canada, you have to be careful of their use depending on the person.

Photo - Protéger bébé avec un chapeau contre les piqûres de moustiques : Utiliser un chasse-moustiques pour les bébés, femmes enceintes et femmes qui allaitent

Health Canada and the Institut national de santé Publique du Québec (INSPQ) state that mosquito repellent should not be applied to the skin of a baby under six months of age. However, lightly spraying repellent (ex.: DEET, icaridin or soybean oil) on a baby’s hat, clothing and stroller can help repel mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. 

Some products target mosquitoes, others ticks, and some both. It’s usually the strong odour that repels mosquitoes. The effectiveness varies from one insecticide to another. That’s why you have to make a choice based on your needs, age, and time you will spend outside. The concentration percentage of the product does not determine its effectiveness, only the length of protection. 

You can buy mosquito repellents in spray/aerosol form that can be applied to skin or clothing, and in cream/lotion/wipe form that can be applied directly to the skin. You should always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before (((Il est préférable d’appliquer la lotion ou crème solaire avant et attendre 30 minutes))) adding a repellent. You should avoid using repellent/sunscreen combination creams, as sun protection requires frequent application, more than if you used repellent alone. 

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