The previous article provided advice on how to protect your baby’s skin. If you want to read it, go to How can I protect my baby from the sun?

The UV Index Protection Scale helps you understand what your baby needs.

UV Index 1 and 2

Minimal sun protection required:

  • Normal activities
  • Sunglasses for the baby if sunny
  • Cover exposed skin

UV Index 3-5

Increased protection starting at UV Index 3:

  • Sunscreen
  • Stay in the shade
  • Avoid peak sun times between 11 am and 2 pm
  • Hat and sunglasses for the baby
  • Sunscreen on exposed skin even before six months of age, repeat as needed. You can also use barrier creams.

UV Index 6 and 7

Necessary protection:

  • Avoid going out between 10 am and 4 pm
  • Stay in the shade, hat, sunglasses, ample light clothing, cover legs and feet
  • High risk of sunburn
  • A sunscreen based on age and skin type

UV Index 8-10

Increased protection because of a very high risk of quick sunburns:

  • Same suggestions as 6 and 7 while avoiding sun exposure as much as possible

UV Index 11+

  • Skin can burn in a couple of minutes

This detailed information provides you with recommendations on how to protect both you and your baby from the sun. Parents, you need to take steps to prevent complications caused by sun exposure for you and your baby.

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