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It’s a good question. If we take the decibel level that is acceptable for the ear:

  • Whispering is 20-40 decibels
  • A regular conversation is 50-60 decibels
  • A visit to the supermarket is 80 decibels
  • A night club starts at 110 decibels

Photo - Spectacle de musique - Billet : Casque antibruit pour bébé : est-ce nécessaire?

Some sounds can reach above 120-130 decibels (aircraft, rock concerts), which is very high for someone’s auditory acuity. Imagine for a baby!

For a baby, sounds below 70 decibels are perfect. If they are exposed to sounds around 80 decibels or higher repeatedly, it can affect their hearing.

Buzzing in the ear, whistling or high sensitivity to sounds can follow. That doesn’t mean you can’t take your baby out with you to a place where there is noise, but you have to pay attention to the sound intensity and the length of exposure. If the intensity seems too high for you, you should cover your baby’s ears with protective ear protection.  

Auditive protection in a situation with excessive noise is essential, but you should also distance yourself from the source from time to time. Noise can damage hearing, but it is also stressful for the body and can lead to general fatigue.

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