Marie, a friend of mine talked about using liniment-based cream to clean and protect my one-month-old baby’s buttocks from rash and other irritations. What do you think? What is liniment? Thanks for your help, Annie-Claude


Excellent question, Annie-Claude!

Liniment is a popular product in Europe, and increasingly so in Canada.

Liniment is usually a mix of extra-virgin or organic olive oil (sometimes vegetable oil) rich in omega 6 and 9, with limewater.

Lime is a natural mineral chemical body that originates in limestone, a rock that is found in our environment. When you mix lime with water, it creates a solution called limewater. It has strong alkaline power, neutralising acidity.

Annie-Claude, oil, which is a fatty body that hydrates and protects a baby’s fragile skin, mixed with limewater, which neutralises acidity found in a baby’s stool and urine, can offer significant protection for your baby’s skin if used when changing diapers.

Oleo calcareous liniment is equal parts oil and limewater, which you can use to clean your baby’s skin naturally and protect and soothe without having to rinse.

Apply the product using a cotton ball or facecloth, clean the area, and that’s it!

I hope this helps!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert