My name is Sonia, and I have a seven-month-old who wakes up four times a night for their pacifier. I have tried many times to let them cry, so they understand that I won’t come back, but I always break and go rock him. I have difficulty hearing him scream like that. Someone told me about the 5-10-15 technique, which seemed to be very helpful. Can you tell me more about it? Thanks in advance, Anne-Sophie

You seem to be looking for solutions for a situation you are having difficulty with during your daily routine. It’s true that it’s not easy for parents to hear their baby cry. We might think that they feel abandoned or worse, but don’t forget that young children express their demands often by crying, and it depends on their temperament as well! Each child and parent is unique. Regarding the 5-10-15 technique, please read my article How to Sleep Techniques to Help my Baby Sleep. I also suggest that you read the articles that precede this one to understand baby sleep better and feel less guilty.

You can also watch the video about Baby Sleep.

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