I chose disposable diapers for my baby, but my friend told me that products used to make them can cause more irritation and redness than reusable diapers. Is this true? I am not the only person I know who uses these diapers, and I don’t hear many complaints!

Thank you for any clarifications, Marie.


Irritation and redness, known as diaper rash, is usually caused by dampness and rubbing. Disposable diapers are made using products that are sometimes more irritating for some baby’s sensitive skin, but they are a safe choice for your little one. Like with any kind of diaper, the baby may at some points have redness or irritation on their bottom, but you can get advice if this occurs. If you want to learn more about the world of reusable diapers, go to my website and watch the video I made with an expert. For disposable diapers, I did a lot of research along with a person who specialises in the field. You can go to my article Characteristics of Disposable Diapers and Wipes.

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