Did you read the section about Alcohol during Pregnancy?

The Canadian Pediatric Society notes that the term Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) has been around since 1973.

Classical physical manifestations noted when the fetus is exposed to alcohol during pregnancy have allowed for the study of the phenomenon. We now better understand the possible impacts on future babies.

Facial traits, especially the upper lip and eyes, as well as developmental problems have been better identified over time. Since 2016, FASD diagnoses have been used, replacing the term fetal alcohol syndrome.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum is a common disorder which we believe is clinically underdiagnosed. It’s associated with the mother’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

It’s not easy to diagnose FASD because the manifestations can vary from one child to another over many years as they grow and develop.

Not all children will be diagnosed with FASD, even if their mother consumed alcohol when pregnant.

Once the baby is born, can we drink alcohol if you are breastfeeding?

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