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Duchesnay provided a set of LadySystem® vaginal cones to each participant.

New mothers and other women regularly ask me how to know if they are doing their Kegel exercises correctly. The answer is that without having the fingers of a specialized physiotherapist or doctor inside their vagina at the time, it is difficult to know.

In this post:

Although the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada recommends daily Kegel exercises to strengthen the trunk and perineal muscles, it is not always easy to do these exercises correctly to achieve the desired effectiveness. I recently discovered LadySystem®, a method that helps women sense what a vaginal contraction feels like when done correctly, such as when performing Kegel exercises, without having to repeatedly consult a pelvic floor specialist.

LadySystem® is a safe, convenient and inexpensive way to strengthen your pelvic floor in a short time, at home, as you go about your daily activities.

Photo - Ensemble de cônes vaginaux Lady System de Duchesnay testé par Marie

LadySystem® sells for around $100 in pharmacies and online. Each set includes five latex-free vaginal cones that resemble tampons, each with a nylon string for removal. The purchase price is a one-time cost, since the cones can be reused indefinitely. Thus, you can repeat the process for a few days periodically throughout the year to maintain muscle tone. This makes LadySystem® a very practical tool to have on hand.

LadySystem® is an easy, discreet, ecological, drug-free and, above all, helpful method to prevent the weakening of your pelvic floor. Following childbirth or over time, your pelvic floor muscles can weaken resulting in bladder leaks, organ prolapse and a decrease in sexual pleasure. By practicing this technique, your natural contraction reflexes act on the correct pelvic floor muscles to increase the effectiveness of your Kegel exercises. It helps you contract your muscles without freezing up and tightening your buttocks and stomach, as so many women do; right girls? 🙂

The use of LadySystem® is also recommended as a preventive measure, i.e., before pregnancy and six weeks after childbirth, regardless of a woman’s age.

Although LadySystem® does not solve all problems, it does improve pelvic muscle tone and prevent the muscle weakening that comes with age.

To learn more, read The Purpose of LadySystem®

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