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Gestational diabetes is classified into two types. The two types do not correspond to those for women who were diabetic before pregnancy. Here are the explanations for types A1 and A2:

Type A1

Photo - Femme enceinte qui lave des légumes - Diabète gestationnel ou diabète de grossesse

Type A1 gestational diabetes refers to a pregnant woman who had one or several results outside of usual standards during the OGTT test but has normal glucose levels on an empty stomach. In this case, your doctor or nurse, endocrinologist or nutritionist will monitor you to help you balance your meals to stabilise your glucose for the rest of the day.

In most cases, proper diet is enough, and it will be adjusted as the pregnancy moves forward. This includes handling the growing resistance to insulin in the woman’s body.

Type A2

Type A2 gestational diabetes affects 20% of pregnant women who have pregnancy diabetes. They must take medication to maintain their glucose levels. For this type, dietary modifications are not enough to stabilise the situation.

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