I am 23 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I had a caesarean section for my first baby during labour, and now I have to decide with my spouse if we are going to try vaginal birth (VBAC) again or go for another caesarean. Can you help us choose?



Dear Nicole, I understand why you have questions. It’s a big decision, but often, nature and life will choose for you. There are indeed things you need to look at before trying a VBAC, and only your personal history can inform your decision. There are both positive and negative aspects to all decisions, but as a general rule, there are more benefits to trying a VBAC than having another caesarean.

To learn more, please read my article about Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) with your partner and talk about the different issues. Then discuss it with your doctor or midwife.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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