Hello, my little one. It’s Dad talking. I wanted to say that everything is ready for a lightning departure from work in case your mother calls to go to the hospital. I know the big day is soon, so I trust your mother, you and I will combine our strengths to experience this precious moment as well as possible. I hope everything will go fine for both of you and nothing bad happens. We never know how the delivery will go; it’s like a box of chocolates. I know the path you have to take is narrow, and you have to work with the uterus that will slowly push you out into the world, out from your nest inside your mother into the light. Your lungs are mature, your duvet on your skin, called lanugo, has almost disappeared, and you still have a bit of vernix in your folds. You measure 49-50 cm, and you weigh at least 3.3 kg.

Your mom’s tummy is a huge ball, and she feels a lot of pressure on her pubic bone. She always says you are trying to get out of the wrong exit. What do you think? She lost her mucus plug (thick secretion in the cervix during pregnancy). We know that it’s not a sign that labour will start, but it indicates the cervix is slowly changing. She has to rest as much as possible to store energy to give birth to you and adapt to your arrival. The doctor also set an appointment for a 41-week follow-up to evaluate her if she hasn’t delivered you, before planning for an induction (provoked labour). I admit that I would prefer everything to go naturally. We can try many natural things to start labour. If you want to do that, you have to talk to the right people, because each situation is unique and you have to make choices based on each pregnancy. I don’t want to put either of you at risk!

I am excited, and so is your mother. We go to bed each night saying that it might be tomorrow! However, the beauty of all of this is that we get to see you at the end.

We’re waiting for you, my child…

Practical Advice:

  • If there are no medical contraindications, you can have sexual relations up to the end of the pregnancy. Use your imagination and creativity and keep your loving fun!
  • You can use natural methods to induce labour before being provoked. Please read my article about induction.

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to prepare for what’s coming:


Educational articles:

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