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Question from a mother: I have a question for you! Benjamin has been sick since Friday. His nose is runny, and he coughs a lot! On Thursday he had is four-month vaccinations and had a fever for 12 hours after. I clear his nose before breastfeeding, and also use Hydrasens. He has a humidifier in his room. He also has coughing fits, which only stop if I sit with him beside the humidifier. I think he has phlegm in his throat. Is there anything else I can do? His secretions are clear, and he no longer has a fever.

Answer in the video: A baby’s cough is often a reflex to try and get rid of mucus and secretions that are bothering them. If the cough persists for more than one week, or if the baby chokes or vomits or has difficulty breathing and their health seems to be declining, go see a health professional. Parents, you are the best judges of your baby’s health, no one knows them as you do!

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