Theme: Vaccinations with Christiane Dubreuil, Nurse Specialising in Vaccinations (in French only)

Facebook Live video with Christiane Dubreuil, a nurse specialising in vaccinations at the Centre de vaccination Christiane Dubreuil. We talk about vaccines for women who want to conceive, who are pregnant, breastfeeding and babies up to one year of age.

We answer questions about the different types of vaccines, their purpose, the vaccination calendar, the contents of vaccines, heavy metals, possible side effects and their frequency.


Introduction: The importance of protecting babies, immaturity, prevention, scientific evidence, official recommendations

00:14:00: Vaccine immunisation dosages

00:20:00: Newborn immunity

00:24:00: Vaccine types

00:25:00: Immunity power and vaccines

00:30:00: Vaccines during pregnancy

00:31:00: Vaccines during breastfeeding

00:33:00: Premature babies and immunity

00:33:00: Bexsero

00:39:00: Vaccination risks for babies up to one year

00:48:00: Vaccine side effects

00:48:00: Possible allergic reactions after a vaccine

00:51:00: What can you do after a vaccine?

00:52:00: Treating the baby

01:04:00: Travel clinics

01:05:00: Resources to have your baby vaccinated

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