Date : 27 novembre 2017

Theme: Adapting to a new baby in the family

Having a baby is a significant event in a couple’s life. You have to learn about a new role, redefine your family, take care of yourself and your couple while sharing the goal of staying balanced. Watch this live video where I talk to Jacinthe Camirand from Bedon & Bout’chou. We also talk about blended families, which are a modern reality. Come join us!



00:05:26: Presentation of my guest Jacinthe Camirand

00:07:27: Presentation structure

00:08:14: Different types of families: step-family, blended step-family, fertile blended step-family

00:11:46: Experiencing the transition

00:12:09: Adapting for everyone

00:16:52: What is being a parent like?

00:17:15: Role and network

00:22:45: Finding balance

00:30:35: Getting help

00:34:00: A clean house

00:37:30: How to prepare the other children for a baby

00:43:00: Possible reactions of the other children to the baby’s arrival

00:50:07: Blended families: establishing roles

00:54:34: Reassuring gestures

00:56:05: Communications is so important

00:56:26: No models and need to be defined

00:58:00: The importance of legal documents when a baby arrives

00:59:13: Formalise links, inheritance 

00:59:37: The biggest concern and irritant: budget, income and expenses

01:03:08: Solidifying the couple

01:03:32: Physical fitness 

01:06:17: Perinatal centres in Quebec 

01:07:00: Conclusion

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Jacinthe Camirand

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