Date : 23 avril 2017

Theme: Perinatal depression with Nathalie Parent, Psychologist (video available in French only)

Facebook Live video with Nathalie Parent, a psychologist and author of Du post-partum à la dépression. We discuss perinatal depression that can affect both mothers and fathers. It an occur before childbirth, around childbirth and several months after the baby’s arrival (postpartum depression). We define perinatal depression and the difference between anxiety and depression. In this video, we also explain how to recognise the signs of depression and how to help people affected by it.


Introduction: Reaction, happy event, societal images

00:03:00: Current trends and statistics

00:06:30: Defining perinatal depression

00:08:35: Symptoms or clinical signs of depression

00:14:00 : Notes and statistics

00:14:50 : Baby blues

00:15:30 : Why is depression a risk during the perinatal period?

00:16:40 : Risk factors

00:22:40 : Observed reactions

00:28:00 : Baby blues

00:39:00 : Risk factors

00:47:10 : The importance of friends, family and health network (informal caregivers)

00:51:00 : Observed reactions

01:00:00 : Ask for help, access resources

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