Marie Fortier believes that it is very important to respect the privacy of her website’s users.

This privacy statement explains the way personal information provided by visitors or collected from visitors to and is handled.

All personal information collected and stored by Marie Fortier’s website is protected under the Canadian Privacy Act.

Information Collected Automatically from all Users

Software programs automatically receive information that is stored temporarily in the log files on Marie Fortier’s web server. Here is some of the information that is automatically collected when internet users navigate on her website:

  •    network location and the internet protocol (IP) address of the device used to access;
  •    the type of navigator used;
  •    the date and time the site was accessed;
  •    pages consulted, and documents downloaded.


This website uses cookies that store user preferences (preferred language for example). Cookies follow how visitors use the site – where they arrive, the pages they consult and the length of their visit. This information is collected, analysed and used to optimise the visitor’s experience and allows Marie Fortier to obtain different information, for example, the number of internet users that consult her website.

A cookie is a file that contains a chain of characters sent to the internet user’s computer when they consult a website. When the user makes a new visit within a specific time period, the cookie will allow the website to recognise them. Internet users can configure their navigator to refuse cookies or to notify them when a cookie is sent.

Google Analytics

Web analytics (also called audience measurement) consists of collecting, measuring, analysing and presenting data about a website to understand visitor behaviour and increase the usefulness of the site for them.

This website uses Google Analytics to do this. Marie Fortier uses visitor information collected by Google Analytics to optimise user experience and to ensure the content is presented in a way that internet users can easily find it and react to it.

Google Analytics uses session and persistent cookies that analyse the use of the website by internet users. Session cookies do not have a set expiration date. They are deleted from memory when the navigator closes. On the other hand, persistent cookies have a precise expiration date, and the navigator only destroys them on that date (in general after six months).

Google Analytics collects standard data that we find in log files to understand visitor behaviour, including:

  • audience data, including city and country of origin, preferred language, frequency of visits, the user’s full activity during a visit, as well as the operating system, service provider and device used to access the website;
  • data on traffic sources, specifically the means used by internet users to get to or (for example search engines, referrals from other sites, marketing campaigns and social media), keywords used in a search engine leading them to the site, as well as the page from which the visitor entered the website and the one they were on when they left it;
  • data associated with content, specifically the length of visits and the number of pages viewed, which determines the most popular content on the website; the technical performance of the website, which measures the average download speed of a page and the server speed; and the technical performance by country and web navigator.

The information provided by cookies about each visitor’s use of this website (where the IP address is shortened to protect anonymity) is sent to Google. It is used to produce statistical reports about activities on the website and to optimise user experience.

To learn more about Google Analytics, go to Persons that want to refuse Google Analytics data collection must use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

The data provided to Google is sent to other countries, including the United States. Data transmitted outside Canada is subject to laws in these other countries. As such, the data sent to the United States is subject to current laws in this country, including the USA Patriot Act.

The IP address and other personal information, including but not limited to the information collected by digital markers used during web analytics, are stored by Marie Fortier for a maximum period of 18 months.

Precise personal information, such as the user’s name, telephone number or email address is only collected and stored if the user provides this information voluntarily by using one of the functions offered by Marie Fortier’s website. This information will only be used for specific purposes (such as membership in Marie Fortier’s Club Marie or a contest). When an internet user signs up for Marie Fortier’s Club Marie, their name and email address are collected to send them a regular newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

It is important to note that the present website provides links to other sites that may not be subject to the present confidentiality statement.