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Medela is a worldwide supplier of practical breastfeeding articles thanks to its research and innovation policies, client needs evaluation and continual support for breastfeeding mothers.

Above all recognised for its breast pump, Medela also offers other products, such as breastfeeding compresses, nipple shields, bras, freezer bags for breast milk, bottles, storage bottles of milk, etc. These products help mothers provide their milk to their children for as long as they desire.


Nicar Laboratories is a family business that has been working in the pharmaceutical field for over 25 years old. The company distributes their products across Canada in all pharmaceutical banners. The products are entirely made in Quebec and meet the highest quality standard. The flagship brand is Probaclac which is a reference in the field in terms of probiotic and the brand has been well established for over 15 years.

Also, there is now a brand new product, the 100% natural syrup Nylozan made from thyme, available in child and adult formula. Nicar Laboratories’s mission is to provide innovative and best quality products for all Quebecois, for all the family’s members!

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At bblüv, we believe in high-quality products that are safe, durable, and attractive. We put a great deal of effort into designing our to ensure they make parents’ lives easier and simpler.

Parents started this brand and parents continue to raise it every day. We are passionate about what we do – helping parents take care of their babies around the globe. We constatntly strive to find solutions to problems and difficulties that parents may encounter. Our top priority is to exceed all safety standards and regulations so that bblüv delivers only products that we would use on our own children with complete peace of mind.

Our values help us to succeed in what we do and to create a heartfelt connection with the our community which we lüv.

Facebook Live Video Collaborators

Johanne Bédard, M.O.A., Speech Therapist, (819) 868-2469, [email protected]

Patrice Benoit, Manager, Bô Bébé

Dr. Emilie Bourgeault, Dermatologist, DermaGo

Karl Brodeur, Paramedic and Teacher, Formation Vitalis

Line Boutet, Lactation Consultant

Jacinthe Camirand, Postnatal Teacher and Caregiver, Bedon & Bout’chou

Marlène Carbonneau, President, Alliance des intervenantes en milieu familial – Estrie

Catherine Cusson, Occupational Therapist, Clinique Pas à Pas

Anne-Émilie Dionne, Pharmacist, Familiprix Extra Trottier, Cliche & Hubert Pharmaciens Senc


Olivia Dubois, Perineal Reeducation Physiotherapist and Pediatrician, Cigonia – Centre de rééducation périnéale et pédiatrique

Christiane Dubreuil, Nurse Specialising in Vaccinations, Centre de vaccination Christiane Dubreuil

Cynthia Fontaine, Physiotherapist, Clinique Pas à Pas

Catherine Germain, Kinesiologist and Found, Bouger pour ma santé

Stéphanie Houde, Thalasso Bain Bébé® Specialist, Bedon & bout’chou

Régine Lalancette, Medela Canada

Gilles Leblanc, Osteopath, Clinique Santé Globale

Nathalie Parent, Psychologist

Marilène Perreault, Naturopath, Le Capucin Inc.

Dr. Jean St-Arnaud, Doctor

Émilie Tanné, Babywearing Monitor, Porte-bonheur/Monitrice de portage Émilie Tanné

Marie’s Discoveries Collaborators

Catherine Arsenault

Bedon & bout’chou

Dr. Emilie Bourgeault, Dermatologist, DermaGo

Me Anne Christine Brochu, Paré, Tanguay Notaries Inc.

Nancy Brochu, Psychoeducator

Karl Brodeur, Formation Vitalis

Marlène Carbonneau, Alliance des intervenantes en milieu familial – Estrie

Clinique de Physiothérapie de Sherbrooke

Philippe Deschênes, Podiatrist, Clinique podiatrique de l’Estrie

Interdisciplinary Team, L’Odyssée, le voyage d’une naissance

Geneviève Fontaine, Naturopath n.d.

Catherine Germain, Kinesiologist and Founder, Bouger pour ma santé

Catherine Gilbert, Le Capucin

Régine Lalancette, Medela Canada

Sonia Morin, Bébé Maude

Peintures de Armond

Marie-Ève Prince, Perineal Reeducation Physiotherapist and Pediatrician, Cigonia

Dr Simon Roy, Dental Surgeon, Clinique dentaire Dr. Simon Roy

Service d’Électro-Thérapie

Jean-Luc Trottier, Pharmacist, Familiprix

Video Participants

Karèya Audet, Acupunctrice, L’Odyssée

Jacques et Suzanne Bachand, Clinique Plateau Marquette

Geneviève Beaulieu, Massage Therapist

Dr. Martine Bissonnette, Family and Birthing Doctor

Suzanne Boily, Baby Massage Teacher

Julie Bonapace, Teacher, Researcher and Author, Méthode Bonapace

Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke

Dr. Julie Choquette, Breastfeeding Specialist

Dr. Marie Courtemanche, Family and Birthing Doctor

Isabelle Dion, Veterinarian, Hôpital vétérinaire de Sherbrooke

Dr. Véronique G Dorval, Neonatologist and Director of the Neonatal Clinic, CHU Sainte-Justine

Pétra Funk, Prenatal Aqua-form, Centre de l’activité physique du cégep de Sherbrooke

Caroline Gauthier, Yoga and Calming Dance for Baby Teacher, L’Odyssée

Guylaine Gélinas-Martel, Sexologist

Mélissa Labonté, Dietician and Nutritionist, Mélissa Labonté Nutritionist

Régine Lalancette, Medela Canada

Vicky Lefebvre, Nurse and Breastfeeding Monitor

Béata Marszalik, Kinesiologist (B.Sc.; M.Sc.)

Evelyne Martello, Specialised Clinical Nurse, Clinique d’évaluation diagnostique des troubles du sommeil

Dr. Frédéric Mior, Anesthesiologist

Marie Panier, Osteopath, L’Odyssée

Nathalie Parent, Psychologist

Marilène Perreault, Naturopath, Le Capucin

Marie-Andrée Pichette, Maternity Nurse

Dr. Martine Pirlet, Anesthesiologist

Sakouna Phouttama, Nutritionist

Marie-Ève Prince, Perineal Reeducation Physiotherapist, Centre Cigonia

Marie Roberge, Social Worker, CHU Sainte-Justine

Mathilde Roy-Boisclair, Maternity Nurse

Johanne Royer, Midwife, Maison de naissance Sherbrooke, Member of the Order of Quebec Midwives

Stéphanie Santos, Social Worker, CHU Sainte-Justine

Jean-Luc Trottier, Pharmacist, Familiprix

Hélène Vachon, Maternity Nurse

Kathy Vadnais, Reusable Diapers Advisor, Le Capucin

Dr. Guy Waddell, Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke

Production Team

Robert Audet, Graphic Designer

Denis Boisvert, Video Editor

Luc Côté, Internationally known producer, director and documentarian

Caroline Lacour, Communication Manager

Jean-Michel Morency, Interactive Strategist

Anne-Élise Morin, Programmer-Analyst

Pierre Poulin, Webmaster and Marketing Coordinator

Pierre W. Bertrand, E-Commerce Coach, Webmaster

Other Collaborators

François et Sylvie, Boutique L’atout prix (Marie’s clothing)

Pascal Gagné, Disco Mobile P.G. Party

Marc Jalbert, Complexe médico-sportif Maxi-Club

Sonia Morin, Boutique Bébé Maude

Paul Morissette, Graphic Design

Nathalie Parent, Psychologist and Author of Family Books, co-founder of Multi Ressources Québec

Myriam Tremblay, La Muse, Body Sculpting

Souzika Villemaire, Boutique Fan Club (Marie’s clothing)

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