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Pour mieux comprendre le monde des bébés prématurés, consultez le billet à ce sujet, L’univers des bébés prématurés.

Breast milk is always the best option for a baby. The breast milk from a mother who gave birth to a premature baby is the best milk. It has more calories, more proteins and is immunologically recognised for its protection against infections.

Le lait maternel demeure toujours la meilleure option pour le bébé. Le lait maternel

Until the baby can breastfeed directly from its mother’s breast, she should regularly pump her milk to then give it to her baby.

on encouragera fortement cette dernière à tirer son lait

At 34 weeks, a baby is usually able to breastfeed. During this critical transition stage, the time spent breastfeeding increases based on the baby’s tolerance. At the same time, gavage or feeding with a cup will be gradually reduced.

Don’t forget that you will get appropriate help from nurses or breastfeeding consultants in the neonatology ward to help you start your breastfeeding adventure.

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N’oubliez pas, vous aurez l’aide appropriée des infirmières ou des consultantes en allaitement de l’équipe de néonatalogie pour vous épauler dans l’ébauche à l’allaitement.

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