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Did you know that a baby with hiccups in their mother’s stomach is a sign your little one is in great health? Yep! In fact, the baby is trying to breathe in their natural pool which is the uterus. You don’t need to be worried though, on the contrary! The baby, while trying to breathe, will swallow a small amount of amniotic liquid which will go do the wrong tube and provoke the hiccup, which is an automatic reflex even in very young babies. The hiccup will slowly pass as they swallow amniotic liquid, which is similar to you in the same circumstances.

A baby in the uterus can have several hiccup episodes per day that can last up to a couple of minutes each. You will feel your abdomen rise up at the same place with a rhythmic cadence. Don’t forget, your baby is totally not in danger.

If your baby frequently has hiccups during pregnancy, get ready – they will have the hiccups a lot during the first weeks of life. This will not cause them pain, of course, and will diminish over time as they mature. Nature will take care of itself. A hint – after birth, give them a drink from your breast or bottle and the hiccups will disappear.

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