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Wow, 37th week according to the insemination date, but the date was adjusted during the ultrasound. This brings us to 38 weeks in reality. Almost there! We do pelvic exercises and hope that it will help little man come into the world. We prepared the baby’s room, the suitcases, always wondering if we forgot something. But I guess it’s still going to be a learning process.

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We are still not 100% aware that in a few days our lives will completely change, but we’re getting there…It’s crazy how well things have gone so far, and how well we seem prepared for the baby’s arrival. We are pretty confident that everything will be fine during childbirth, and we consider ourselves very lucky to be surrounded by great people. Our families, friends, colleagues, and health professionals have been very encouraging. This week the gynecologist really reassured us, as he still hadn’t checked the baby’s position. But after discussing it with him, we understood that it wasn’t a pressing matter because the baby could still change position. And anyway, he is very confident that if the delivery goes well, the baby will come out irrespective. We’ll stop asking the question of head up or head down, posterior or anterior…that said, we can’t be sure that he will be the doctor during the delivery, but we are crossing our fingers.

As this is a big baby year, we have many friends who have babies a couple of months old. Conveniently, we are giving birth after them. We get great advice, learn what works and what doesn’t. We have also understood that each baby is different, and something that works for one won’t necessarily work for the other. It has also allowed us to discover resources, such as a baby clinic that does follow-ups after childbirth.

I think that we will be a bit restless for a few more days. It’s our first baby…but what a miracle, that it starts from two cells that leads to these perfect little beings.

Talk soon,

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Chantal and Rachel

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