It’s done. The baby’s born!

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To read Charlotte’s previous article, go to, I am at 41 weeks and still nothing!

Pour lire le récit précédent de Charlotte, consultez Je suis à 41 semaines et toujours rien!

Dear Parents,

I broke my water.

It was a calm experience. I woke up feeling a hot liquid was slowly descending. I immediately knew what it meant.

Such an immense relief that it happened on its own (in extremis)!

I got up, all sleepy, yet with joy in my heart.

I wondered how I could wake up my husband, downstairs, without getting the house all wet?? Do I telephone him? No, I don’t want to startle him out of his sleep. It’s 4:30 in the morning, I grabbed a beach towel thinking about what Marie had suggested in her video. I walked upstairs and quietly woke of the dad: “It’s started. I broke my water. You have time to wake up.”

I think that Marie told me to check the colour. It’s okay, it clear as water.

No contractions yet, we have time. David prepares himself. He said that I could lay down while waiting. I thought, “He doesn’t want me to dirty the house, right???” A misunderstanding quickly solved.

I ate a quick breakfast. I didn’t dare. Do I need to be on an empty stomach? His breakfast gave me time to get into the event.

The luggage is already in the car. We were supposed to go to the hospital to induce labour in the morning. Everything is going smoothly.

We arrived at the hospital at 5am. A sleepy midwife welcomed us politely. She asked if I clearly broke my water (yes, it’s still flowing!) and if I had contractions (just one). She examined me (I was at 2 fingers…no longer closed!) and took me in for monitoring. I lay on one side, and we listened to the baby. David and I looked at each other. We were good.

She suggested that I go to our room to wait for the contractions. The room was nice, with a bay window overlooking the grass. I felt like we were camping.

My baby, I knew you would arrive with the dawn.

The contractions quickly arrived. At 8am, they became regular at 7 minutes. I was told I was at 3cm. Just like with my daughter, it would last for about 4 hours. I said to myself this is crazy: by noon I should have my baby!

I watched the magpie elegantly wandering around outside. While David went to get something to eat, a sharp contraction hurt. I had the impression the baby was strongly pushing against my cervix.

I asked how far I had advanced, and the midwife said she thought nothing much had happened. But after an hour I was at 6cm. It hurts, but I know it’s almost over. At this stage, I found that things were going fast with my daughter. So I didn’t ask for an epidural, to maintain the fast pace and enjoy it naturally.

The midwife told me I could change my mind, that everything was ready for an epidural. That no one would judge me. She was very nice!

They took me to the natural birthing room. The midwives warmly welcomed me (by saying, “you are smiling at 6cm!”).

They left my partner and me together. I sat on the ball. The ball is easier than the bed, but I didn’t dare to move at all. Or walk, or turn on the ball (even if it was such a relief at home!). I started my new contraction rhythm.

David and I smiled a lot, and we have a blast between the contractions. We are so happy to welcome our baby! I can’t believe that after almost a year of waiting, I will finally see him. And very, very soon! 

Within an hour, I feel that at certain times, it is becoming very painful, as the baby is pushing a lot. Finally, it was time to push!

I heard the midwives say: “take your positions!” and everything accelerates. Sheets on the mattress, the incubator if necessary. Everything is ready.

Let him come! Finally, I can push.

The midwives were very encouraging. They told me I was terrific that he is there. To continue pushing. Again, again, again! I am David’s arms, this big bed is excellent.

Once I started pushing, I didn’t have pain anymore (dilation was complete), I just had to push very hard and felt he was getting into position.

After a couple of pushes, I heard, “we see his hair! He doesn’t have a lot of hair!”

Already! I start crying – he’s already there!!

Since I started pushing the contractions no longer hurt. I just have perineal pain, a stretching. The midwife helps by placing her fingers to help stretch it for the baby’s arrival.


I hear “he’s coming all by himself.” “The baby is hidden.”

I don’t know why she said that, but my husband and I look at each other smiling, as we called our baby “hide-and-seek baby” throughout the pregnancy.

David said something, and I understood that he was there.

He’s on my stomach.

Photo - Naissance de bébé - journal intime de Charlotte

I look at him, I have him in my arms.

I hear David, but I don’t see him. But I know that he is crying.

The baby’s here, I want to give him all of my love, my baby that I don’t know yet know so well.

I have to push out the placenta quickly. I don’t want them to push on my stomach. I want to breastfeed and snuggle.

The placenta doesn’t want to come. They ask me to push.

The baby starts to suck.

Still no placenta, I am scared because I am losing blood.

They have to act, time for anesthesia. The anesthetist arrives with his yellow bandana. He suggests either putting me under or performing spinal anesthesia. I wanted spinal anesthesia, but I asked for his advice, and he agreed.

Phew. He is so soft, the moment is preserved, the moment is magical.

I am just scared of losing blood. They performed injections in my back, it’s not too bad. It’s swift.

Then the anesthetist performed hypnosis relaxation. Great. It’s both reassuring and mild, I float into the clouds. I don’t physically need it, as I can’t feel anything. But it was really reassuring that he took care of me. And that we preserve the moment.

I hear the baby softly crying on David. They are skin to skin. I’m reassured. What is David thinking? Is he scared for me?

He calms our impatient baby, the silence is perfect, the silence of their first meeting.

It’s already over, the placenta is out, it was detached.

I didn’t feel a thing.

We had to stay there for 2 hours, but the baby is already on me. He sucks very well. David and I smile, cry. We find him beautiful. The three of us meet together.

I’m hungry, but I have to wait.

After 2 hours, the baby was taken in for a short examination and to dress him. Everything was done beside me. It’s just perfect.

I had brought a pyjama and onesie to the birthing room, but he also needed a sleeping bag and fleece blanket, which was still in the trunk of the car!

Finally, everything was fine, and we could go to our room. I was placed in a wheelchair. I felt I was going to pass out on the way. I was dreaming.

When we got to the room, I learned that I had a convulsion. The team was very scared and fussed over me. David saw everything from back in the hall. He cried hot tears.

But I quickly recovered when they talked to me. I was just hypoglycemic and exhausted! They brought me orange juice. It’s about 4pm.

So there you go, our life as a trip started in this room. You were born at 11:24am.

To continue reading, go to These first two weeks with you were enchanting.

Pour poursuivre votre lecture, lisez Ces deux premières semaines avec toi ont été un enchantement.


The opinions found in this article are the author’s alone.

Photo - Avatar de Charlotte, maman collaboratrice au journal d'une maman

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It’s done. The baby’s born!

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