You don’t know what to buy for your baby?
Over the years, I have tested many!

I have listed everything in my Amazon Store.

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My Prenatal Classes Pregnancy Book

This fully revised book covers the latest information about pregnancy, medical or midwife monitoring, health advice, precautions, official recommendations and much more. This edition is essential when preparing for childbirth and the return home.

Future parents that choose this prenatal preparation tool, in addition to 40 web videos, will have access to a wealth of information. It will be an essential resource as you travel down the path to parenthood.

*My prenatal classes pregnancy book is only available in french.

Paper version : 29,95 $
PDF version : 26,95 $

Bouton Acheter

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Why should you buy My Prenatal Classes?

In this short video, I present my book. I explain how I prepared it, put it together, and why it’s a great guide to accompany my prenatal video classes. You can even personalise it, creating an excellent pregnancy souvenir.


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