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After 9 late days, the doctor had to induce baby Émile’s arrival. He seemed to really want to stay in his mother’s tummy. Due to a couple of heart decelerations, the delivery was pretty quick and needed the use of the forceps (aura nécessité l’utilisation de forceps.) . It was a good but stressful experience seeing his heart slow down, his mother’s blood pressure decline, but once out of his cocoon, our baby’s screams and crying erased everything. Both mothers were full of emotion, seeing their little one for the first time. He’s in perfect health, and while we can’t explain why he would come out, we don’t have to worry anymore.

Of course, since then our lives revolve around our little man, and we never get tired of him. We went through the 3-day growth spurt, with breastfeeding every 45 minutes to 1 hour…Yikes…if this continues, we’ll never sleep. But afterwards, Émile’s pace became more regular, feeding every 3-4 hours. This gives us time to nap, which we appreciate, being able to rest 1 hour at a time each day. We think our baby is a good one. He feeds well, is gaining weight, sleeps well and doesn’t cry a lot. Of course, mothers worry, so imagine two! Sometimes it’s because he has some milk stuck in his throat, or has troubled dreams, and we fret over making sure he takes a normal breath. Small hematomas on his head, which we were told would disappear after about a month. We always wonder if we are doing everything right, but since he seems fine, we supposed we’re not doing too badly.

We quickly realised that the smallest pyjamas no longer fit, so we are sorting already. Émile is growing and changing rapidly. His eyes are clearing up, he has extended periods of alertness. We fill him with love, and he gives us lots of love in return, hugging us and falling asleep on us like a little angel. We watch him for hours, kissing him all over. We are very proud to present him to guests who bring gifts and prepared meals. We are gifted by life and our network, for all the little things they do for us each day. We’ve started with reusable diapers. A bit of an adjustment for a very young baby, but it seems to work, and he seems to like the comfort of cotton diapers. We are learning how to understand him each day, and he is also learning to understand our gestures, how to ask for things. A side of life that we hope will be long and happy, and we will do everything to make sure it is. And slowly, by dedicating these moments to our little man, we also find time for each other, more and more moments to think about each other. Without returning to life before Émile, we are establishing a balance so that he can grow up in a loving family. We want all our days to be like this first week, filled with hugs!

Back to all the love, we never get enough…

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