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My Baby,

Between three and six months, I feel you have grown from a baby to a little boy. I am so impressed with your developments.

I have gone back to work, and it’s hard for me. It’s difficult working with your nanny too. We have to find a suitable solution so that going to work is a little less stressful.

I am happy to know that when I come home, you are excited to see me, and that lets me feel the link between us, the connection between us.

But I also see my life as an alternation between pure marvel with you and all the other more difficult aspects (not enough time with your dad and the other kids, overtime at work…). At six months, I am starting to find a balance, and you are becoming a member of the family!

So here is what has happened since you turned three months. You started to learn how to drum by tapping the table. You have begun to show interest in your brothers and sisters, and they have slowly become your stars, which makes them very happy. 

You are now in your first bed because the crib in your room was not being used as it wasn’t a good one. While sleep routines can be a matter of principle for many families, and differ from one to another, for us, a 3rd baby means no more principles! We got a bed that attaches to ours. At six months, you are starting to go to sleep on your own for your naps. At night, you are a pretty stressful baby (like your sister). After nine months together, all these societal constraints are a bit weird. I decided to give up for the moment, totally. After all, the only thing that is important for me is not to lose my relationship with your dad, and we are succeeding (though sometimes we have to be creative!).

You are slowly discovering other things than my breasts. Always through phases…disgust, indifference, acceptance, happiness! That’s great. Our hug moments are no longer only when breastfeeding, but at other times. And feeding you solid foods is a great time we spend together. 

Jouets pour bébé bloc - Journal intime de Charlotte

But we also when through a critical stage. For two months you didn’t want to eat with your nanny. And it was only after I stopped breastfeeding you for 24 hours (I started again later) that you would take your bottle. After that, you loved daycare…if I had only known earlier…I was so concerned about you! You now love your bottle and are starting to learn how to hold in your hands.

You discovered your first apple, which I prepared myself (and I rediscovered how good it is too!). The kitchen was full of apple smell, which made me happy. I rediscovered that apples are acidic! Today, you gobble it down! What a difference. I am slowly introducing you to potatoes, pears, zucchini, carrots (you love carrots!), your first cereals, then a range of fruits and vegetables. I rediscovered every single one with you, and I loved it!

You are starting to really develop your language skills. Your body movements, gestures and a few words. You push away your bottle when you are no longer hunger, you smile to say yes to the bottle, your syllables are multiplying. You’ve even said “mama nananana” a couple of times (in your car seat!!), then you forgot. You say “mama”, “wawa” and “papa”, and “aba” for your brother. You try to say your sister’s long name. You use words to recognise others and yourself. I love how you learn. You also say “bye mama” when leaving for the nanny, which really was touching. It’s like you now know that we’ll see each other later.

You had your first vacation at the ocean at grandpa’s place, your first Halloween, and you will soon discover snow. Moments when we feel like we are a family of five. Precious moments.

It’s impressive how you move around. You are starting to stay seated, you try to get on all fours, you move around by rolling from left to right, you get up to grab toys from your toybox, you try to crawl, a couple of steps if we hold you up. Your autonomy is allowing you to discover games and how to have fun alone. A growing baby boy…I am impressed by how you focus on your Duplo toy like you are playing already. You delicately hold him with your fingers, which can now grab things and turn them around. Three months ago, you were just learning how to close your hand on an object, which required a lot of effort…

Your favourite toys are water toys, cups to put water in, or toys you have to put together, the triangle prism, mini-games, balls, cubes, Duplo…

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