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A daily food schedule can help you plan your baby’s meals and snacks.

Photo - bébé qui boit au gobelet - alimentation de bébéOver time the schedule will change with the addition of different nutrients after four to six months. When the baby only consumes milk, their pace might be every three, four, or five hours, and then a full night, at least I hope 😊! When they start solid foods, it can completely change their drinking pace (which becomes more regular). Over time you want them to eat sitting at the table with the family, drinking and snacking between meals. So, a baby that wakes up at five in the morning can be breastfed then fall back to sleep. They might wake up at 7 am and eat cereal with fruit for example. The meal ends with milk, which will help them swallow their solid foods. Around 10 am, they breastfeed (or have a bottle) and can nap. At noon, they will eat meat (after six months), vegetables and fruit for dessert. Around 30 to 40 minutes after the meal, you can breastfeed just before their nap. When they wake up, you can breastfeed and give them a snack. Then they will have dinner and a bit of milk with the family. In the evening, after their bath, they can breastfeed before going to sleep. This is only an example, as each child will be different. Don’t forget that you have to get your child used to drink from a sippy cup or ordinary glass with their snacks or meals.

Meals should not last more than 20-30 minutes, as the baby will lose interest. They should snack at least one to one and a half hours before the meal, and should drink less (unless water) if the meal will be served soon.

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