Date: November 27, 2016

Theme: Babywearing with Émilie Tanné, Babywearing Monitor

Facebook Live video with Émilie Tanné, a babywearing monitor. In this video, Marie and Émilie talk about the history of babywearing, the benefits for parents and babies, options, how to choose a baby carrier, as well as safety and practical issues. They answer questions from internet users live, and Émilie provides advice about how to make sure your baby likes babywearing.

Photos of different babywearing techniques found in the video:

Photo - Le portage avec une écharpe ajustable ou sling  Photo - Le portage avec une écharpe tissée  Photo - Le portage avec un porte-bébé Meitai

Photo - Le portage avec un porte-bébé préformé  Photo - Le portage avec un porte-bébé Onbu vue de dos  Photo - Le portage avec un porte-bébé Onbu


Introduction: the importance of babywearing, skin-to-skin at birth, history and cultural importance

00:04: 00: Benefits for baby and parents

00:12:00 : Options

00:40: 00: Safety and practicality of different babywearing techniques

00:48: 00: Baby carrier prices

00:53: 00: How to babywear when pregnant?

00:56: 00: What should you do if the baby cries in the baby carrier?

00:59: 00: Can you babywear after a caesarean?

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