Date : 13 novembre 2016

Theme: Baby-led weaning with Catherine Cusson, Occupational Therapist

Facebook Live video with Catherine Cusson, an occupational therapist specialising in pediatrics for children from 0-2 years, focusing on breastfeeding and diet problems. Marie and Catherine answer your questions about baby led weaning. What is baby-led weaning, when can you start it, what foods can you give them, what precautions should you take?


Introduction: Origins, in Canada, current research, Bliss study on modified baby-led weaning

00:02:00: No clear directives from government and health organisations

00:03:42: Reasons used to start baby-led weaning (texture, gag reflex)

00:07:00: When to start Baby Led Weaning: physical signs of maturity, age, chewing

00:16:00: What does baby-led weaning involve (continuous supervision, never force feed or place things in a baby’s mouth)

00:22:00: Buccal hypersensitivity

00:41:00: Foods to avoid during baby-led weaning

00:50:00: What you should know (iron sources, the importance of quality and variety of foods)

00:51:00: Risks and inconveniences of baby-led weaning (growth delays, anemia, food quality, length, choking risks)

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Catherine Cusson
Occupational Therapist

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