Date : october 23, 2016

Theme: Introducing Solid Foods (French only)

Marie answers questions live on Facebook about many topics. In this week’s video, she talks about introducing solid foods to your baby. What age should you start? When should you introduce meat? Which food do you start with?


Introduction: a significant step for parents and babies, baby-led weaning, principles to follow when introducing solid foods

00:01:30: Public health recommendations

00:09:00: When should the baby start if they breastfeed or take bottles?

00:10:00: What should you feed your baby first – before and after six months

00:29:00: How do you introduce solids? One food at a time, variety, several days before a new one, start in the morning to check for reactions

00:32:00: If the baby eats, when should they have milk?

00:33:00: Food textures

00:50:00: Menu example

01:00: 00: Babies with difficulties eating certain foods

To help you during this important stage, I offer a table for introducing solid foods to an infant (in french). This practical guide allows you to check off the foods you have introduced.Visuel - Tableau d'introduction des solides chez le nourrisson

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