I’m scared my baby will hurt me when taking my breasts.

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My name is Karina, and I am scared my baby will hurt me when taking my breasts after childbirth. My breasts are very sensitive. How can I prepare for breastfeeding? Thanks for your help! Karina

Karina, I understand that you can fear the unknown. I don’t know exactly how it will go for you and your baby during your first attempts at breastfeeding. But I can tell you that everyone will help you to make sure your experience will be a good one, avoiding discomfort for the mother. A nurse will be there to support you during your first experiences, and what is essential is that the baby is positioned correctly and that they latch optimally, taking not only your nipple but a significant portion of your areola.

During your first breastfeeding session, the following elements will be observed:

  •       Your baby’s mouth must be wide open as if they were yawning
  •       Their lips should be curled
  •       Their nose must be free
  •       Their chin should be stuck to your breast
  •       Their ear, shoulder and hip should form a straight line

Karina, it’s very important that you talk to your nurse about your fears, tell them how your breasts are usually very sensitive. She will then take further precaution to avoid discomfort. You’ll see that breastfeeding is possible, even for you! Trust yourself, as breastfeeding a baby requires many adjustments! 

 Aie confiance en tes capacités et un ajustement est normal à avoir lors de l’ébauche à l’allaitement.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

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