My name is Sara, and a friend of mine told me about haptonomy, the affective preparation for childbirth. It involves my husband more in the pregnancy regarding the baby, but I don’t know much more about it. Can you provide me with more information about this method, please?

Thank you so much in advance!


Hello Sara,

Yes, indeed I have never written about haptonomy, which is an interesting approach during pregnancy.

What’s haptonomy? It’s the science of affectivity, and more specifically the “affective preparation for birth,” which stems from haptonomy. How to develop a deeper relationship with your baby during pregnancy? This is what the approach focuses on!

Sara, when you will learn about the topic, you and your husband will be able to explore this philosophy, this tactile approach to developing contact with your future baby. Your partner can actively participate by softly rubbing your stomach to communicate with your child. You’re right; it’s a great way to involve your husband during the pregnancy. It gives him his own space, personal contact between him and the baby. Something that’s concrete, which works through your stomach.

To learn more about the philosophy of “affective preparation for birth,” please read my full article Do You Know About Haptonomy and the Affective Preparation for Birth?

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert


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