I just noticed that I have little bumps on both my areola and I was wondering why. I never saw that before my pregnancy. Can you tell me why? Thanks! Alicia

Alicia, what you noticed on your breasts are Montgomery glands, which are found on the areola and swell during pregnancy in preparation for breastfeeding. These glands mainly work to lubricate the areola to prevent drying and wounds that could follow. Nature is well designed, no? This lubrification can also change skin pH and help protect against bacterial infections and other micro-organisms.

You can easily find several small bumps on your areola, as there are between 4-28 tubercles like than on each areola.

You can also find the presence of supernumerary nipples. This means that a pregnant woman can note the appearance of one or several small nipples on a precise path call the milk line, and often occur near the armpits and thorax.  

These small nipples can grow and become sensitive and even leak during engorgement, but they will disappear after breastfeeding.

I hope this answers your question, and please share this with your friends. It occurs in many women, but they often don’t ask questions about it.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

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