Marie, I had a miscarriage, and I am dealing with many emotions, but my husband isn’t really expressing himself. How can we understand our reactions?


Losing a baby you have wanted and expected for months or years something that parents will need to mourn. Men and women will experience this sadness in different ways. Most couples try to find the reasons for why it happened, but it will usually remain a mystery. One this is certain – a miscarriage is now part of your life story.

Men and women will always express their emotions differently when faced with the same event. For miscarriages, there is no universal way to react to this loss. You will respond one way, your husband another. Women usually experience the loss internally, and often men experience it in their minds. The fact that you carried the baby is the main reason for this difference.

I provide more information in my articles Reactions to Miscarriages and Let’s Talk Miscarriages. Please express yourself and share your experiences!

Talk soon,
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