This article was written in collaboration with Dr. Émilie Bourgeault, a dermatologist. It will deal with different dermatological issues that women face during pregnancy and after childbirth.

As you know, pregnancy causes many physical and physiological changes.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also cause skin, hair and nail changes as well. Some changes are physiological (normal) and don’t require treatment. But some dermatological conditions during pregnancy need to be treated.

I want to talk about several dermatological situations I hear about frequently, skin changes that pregnant women often note.

In this article:

Dr. Émilie Bourgeault is a professional dermatologist and is my guest for this article. She will contribute to making sure you get proper information and guidance.

I will deal with each of the situation listed above. Each text will include a definition, medical explanation and dermatological recommendations for during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Let’s look at the first topic, Skin Colour Changes During Pregnancy.

Watch this video as well: Dermatology for Babies and During Pregnancy.


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