I usually had headaches one out of every two periods, but now I have one all the time!

I have tried all sorts of things, but I can’t keep taking Tylenol like this forever, it’s too much! Why is this happening? None of my friends had this occur, and I would like practical advice on what to do to help.

Thanks for anything you can do for me.

A mother who is fed up,


Angélina, I understand why you are fed up. It’s never fun to have a permanent headache. 

You said that you sometimes had headaches during your periods. That means you are very sensitive to hormonal differences, and it’s not surprising that your symptoms are accentuated during pregnancy given hormonal disbalances. 

About 15% of pregnant women have increased headaches during pregnancy.

If you have a cold with nasal congestion, or more stress, are more tired hungry, you can also have more headaches. 

There are headaches, and then there are also migraines with different levels of intensity. Yes, Tylenol can help occasionally, but if you are taking a lot, you should talk to your doctor or health professional to get a prescription for something more effective.  

If you can’t stand your headaches, if you have blurred vision, vomiting or feel weird, you have to tell your doctor immediately.

Here is what you can do during your daily routine:

  •   Eat well from all food groups;
  •   Drink a lot but avoid caffeine as it can increase your headaches;
  •   Rest and nap as needed;
  •   Reduce stress through relaxation exercises;
  •   Avoid too much heat, noise and maintain a comfortable posture when sitting or laying down;
  •   Acupuncture and osteopathy can be helpful for this during pregnancy;
  •   You can take Tylenol, Atasol or acetaminophen as needed from time to time.

I hope this information can help you! 

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert