Marie, I didn’t know I was pregnant and drank two beers and a glass of wine with friends. I found out three days later that I was pregnant. I am very worried because I know that it’s not good for my baby. But I don’t know how to react! Can you help? Thanks in advance, Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle, you shouldn’t feel guilty, because you didn’t know you were pregnant. What’s important is that you stop drinking alcohol throughout your pregnancy. You didn’t drink a lot, and it only happened once. Based on recommendations from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, you should not worry that it will terminate your pregnancy due to risks to the fetus. However, you should avoid alcohol during the rest of your pregnancy because there are no safe levels of consumption. For more information, please read my article dealing with alcohol, pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Talk soon,
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