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We have now been living on our cloud with Émile for four months. He is the most gentle, adorable and intelligent little man. I love saying that my son is special, and I tease by saying that it’s not because he’s mine, he IS special!

Bébé Émile, fils de Chantal et Rachel maman collaboratrice - Mamans et papas collaborateurs

I guess all babies are exceptional, but I find that we are fortunate. Life with Émile is generally full of indescribable joy, watching him learn more about his environment every day. He interacts with us and those around us. He smiles, babbles, waves his arms and moves around when he is happy and excited.

We hope to have other babies after Émile, but he already fulfills our needs for motherly affection. For a few weeks now, he is sleeping between five and eight hours in a row. You may be saying to yourself that she’s a bit crazy, embellishing our life. I am aware that Émile is a baby. Some days are not as perfect as others…but he’s a baby.

Of course, each baby has their thing. For Émile, it’s his teeth…he already has two, which appeared during the first week of his fourth month. After a couple of weeks of emotional sensitivity, it seemed to be over. Then he started sleeping less at night, waking up agitated. He drinks more at night than before.

We started asking questions…Is it his teeth again? He’s almost five months old, is he hungrier? Is it reflux? Are we not teaching him the right sleep habits?

You don’t change things when everything is fine. But when something occurs, you start wondering. I think that is the life of a parent…alternating between happiness and concerns for the rest of your life…at least that’s what my parents say 😊 Welcome to parenthood.

I guess we’ll find out what is bothering Émile’s sleep over the coming days and weeks…

Talk soon,

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Chantal, Rachel and Émile

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Photo - Échographie 20 semaines - journal intime de Chantal et Rachel

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