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Breastfeeding Baby

With breastfed babies, we often note a small spray stool in each diaper. Very tiny but frequent yellow/green spots with lumps in it. Moreover, I would add that sometimes they will have a big soft and sticky poop that runs up to their back! 😊

What remains particular for a baby exclusively breastfed is that they can go from 7 to even 10 days without a bowel movement 4-6 weeks after childbirth. This can be very normal due to what I mentioned above, where everything can be absorbed in breast milk. However, urination must be frequent, with 6-8 regular pees a day. That is why you don’t need to be worried about infrequent stool as long as their general health, growth and development are normal. Each child has their own schedule for eliminating waste, and some have lazier intestines than others.

Bottle-Fed Baby

Stool frequency for a bottle-fed baby is more regular given the waste to be eliminated. It can vary from a couple a day to one every 2-3 days maximum. If it takes longer, the baby may feel discomfort and complain more.

Wow! Such torment for our beautiful baby! I hope that this article will help you learn about the different characteristics of stool in young babies and reassure you at the same time.

I have added the Facebook Live video (in french) that I filmed on the topic on June 5, 2016:


Also, here is a link to an article where you will find photos of baby stool.

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