My name is Annie, and I have two breast implants. I had the breast enlargement 5 years ago, and now I am pregnant. Do you think I can breastfeed my baby? Thanks for everything, Annie

Annie, thank you for your question, as my answer will be helpful for many women out there.

If your mammary gland is intact and your nipple is in the same spot, it means that all the structures are in place to favour breastfeeding. On the contrary, if your nipples were moved to centre them on your breasts, this is a problem because they have cut the nerve endings that link your baby’s sucking and the information sent to the brain to stimulate milk production. In these circumstances, it’s more challenging to produce enough milk to satisfy your baby on your own. Frequently it requires milk supplements to give to your baby.

I suggest that you talk to your doctor during your pregnancy and have a breast exam. When you go to the hospital to give birth, also speak to the nurse or breastfeeding consultant to make sure that everything is done to favour your breastfeeding. All the best, and be confident, because whatever the amount of breastmilk you give your baby, it’s the best milk! 

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

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