My name is Justine, and I was wondering if there are foods I shouldn’t eat when I breastfeed my baby. Thanks for all your information, I find it very helpful! Justine

Hello Justine,

I am happy you are getting prepared for your breastfeeding experience! I want to start by reassuring you that when you breastfeed a baby, you can eat everything, but in moderation. If there are foods that give you gas, for example, try not to eat them all during the same day! 😊 Foods that contain caffeine, like chocolate, coffee, or tea, may agitate the baby. You might want to consume them at night if you want your baby to rest well.

Also, you can continue eating fish that contain fewer heavy metals, just like during your pregnancy. There are fewer restrictions for cheeses, sushi, etc., because your baby is born, and the infection risk is much lower.

For your general diet, keep in mind that you should eat from each food group to maintain your strength and recover post-childbirth. You will also give your baby the nutrients it needs for growth. All the best, Justine!


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