I want to give my baby some apple juice to help them eliminate their stool. He’s 4 months old. Is that OK? Thanks for any information!


Alexandrine, you have to have your baby examined as a whole before saying whether apple juice is a good option or not. Generally speaking, your baby doesn’t need juice in their diet, even if it’s 100% natural, because it contains much sugar.

That’s why it’s preferable that milk remains the only liquid a 4-month-old like your own drinks.

But you also have to look at their stool. Are they constipated? Has something changed in their diet, type of milk, introducing solid foods? It might just be a transition period that your baby is adapting to.

Before 6 months of age, milk should be the priority all the time. After 6 months, it’s a good idea to give them water from time to time to get them used to drinking it. Usually, juice isn’t introduced before 1 year because it’s not an essential part of a proper diet before that time.

If you give them juice after 1 year, make sure that it’s 100% natural, without added sugar and is pasteurised. Never give them powder-based drinks or punches like Kool-Aid.

Please read my article about baby stool and the one about infant constipation. You’ll find many practical hints to help your baby if necessary.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert